Blueberry Pie Beer at Independence Brewing Company – #TFFRedFest


3, 2, 1… We are three days away from Christmas and also from the day our #TFFRedFest will end! Today’s pick is an important one, a lot of us will agree. Or at least those who love freshly brewed beer! Next on our list is the Blueberry Pie Beer from Independence Brewery.

Although it has blue in its name, the beer prepared from blueberry prides itself in the bright red colour it takes. The second one from their series of Berry Pie beers, this one is a lactic sour beer aged with blueberry and a hint of organic honey! Yes, with the description itself you can anticipate how beautiful it tastes!

Blueberry Pie Beer at Independence Brewery
Blueberry Pie Beer at Independence Brewery

The beer is available in three different serving sizes – 330 ml for Rs. 250, 500 ml for Rs. 350 or a 1.5 liter pitcher for Rs. 1000. “Subtle interplay of tartness from the berry and sweetness from the honey with a semi-dry finish makes this is a very sessionable beer,” said Shailendra Bist, the co-founder of IBC. So if you’re catching up with a friend after long and are wondering what you should be sipping on, you know which beer you need to choose!

Other beers at IBC which you can choose from are the Belgian Wit, Dark Saison, Ixcacao {stout with dark chocolate and vanilla notes} and Juicy IPA.  Yes, they have something for everyone!

For more details about Independence Brewery and their offers, food, drinks, etc, you can visit their Facebook or Zomato page.

Karishma Rajan
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