Binging And Bootlegging in Bangalore


Situated in one of the high profile areas of Bangalore, next to UB City, Bootleggers has always been one of my favourite drinking joints in the city. An ease on the pocket, Bootleggers is the perfect place for pre-drinking if you’re off to another place later; or you could also just hop in for a quick mug of beer and lunch.


The place has very young vibe to it with brick walls painted with fun quotes about alcohol, food and music. As you enter, to your right you will see a huge wall with a painting featuring famous personalities right from Marilyn Monroe to Charlie Chaplin. Playing the old 90’s classic rock music, the place will instantly appeal to you and grab a slot in your lists of favourites as well! The food is delicious, though I’d recommend the starters more than the main course. Few of my preferred choices are the Barbeque Chicken Wings, Chilly Potato, Stuffed Mushrooms and the Chilly Beef.

bootlegger 1-min

For seating, you can choose to sit at the regular tables or the higher ones accommodated with bar stools. If you’re going alone or with just one friend, you can always find a place at the bar itself and sip on your drink as you ogle at the wide variety of spirits they have to offer. They also have a small outside seating if you are not in the mood for air conditioning.


The staff is kind and friendly and I’ve never really found a reason to complain in spite of having visited the place a lot of times. P. S. – If you are there celebrating a friend’s birthday, they will provide you with a complimentary cake! Yes, this will definitely come in handy for you some time. Overall, a nice place to visit.

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Karishma Rajan
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