Hariyali Tikka at Big Pitcher, Bangalore
Hariyali Tikka at Big Pitcher, Bangalore

Big Pitcher – Beers to Crush on And Food That Comforts

“Beer is proof that God loves us”  – Benjamin Franklin

And after you visit Big Pitcher for their famous brews, these are the words you’ll stand by forever. Located on Old Airport Road, very close to The Leela Palace hotel, Big Pitcher is a microbrewery loaded with five floors of madness! We quietly wandered in on a Thursday afternoon for lunch, and boy, were we in for a treat.

We started off with beer sampler which consisted of six variants:

King Slayer – Their most popular brew and it isn’t hard to see why. A delicious dark beer which looks like a stout, but tastes just like wheat beer.

Sarava – With a pale yellow appearance, this beer is slightly creamy but yet very light. Brewed using an orange peel which perhaps gives it a slightly fruity taste. We took an instant liking to this one.

Czech That Pilsner – This one is for the classic lager lovers. Smooth with a golden appearance.

Adjust Maadi – Now this was a truly unique beer. It has a very peculiar scent which may irritate some, but can be highly addictive to others. Made keeping the German wheat beer in mind, using a banana peel, it’s a beer we personally loved!

Hopwitch – A dark red ale, ideal for beer lovers who prefer their beer to the bitter side.

Seasonal Beer – Their special at the moment was a roasted coffee based beer with a slight chocolaty flavour.

All beers had the right amount of fizz and tasted incredibly fresh and fantastic. Unlike several other freshly brewed beers in town, these ones were light – an aspect we loved because hey, stopping at one because you’re full is no fun!

Big Pitcher Brewery, Bangalore
Big Pitcher Brewery, Bangalore

Big Pitcher also offered us a quick tour of the brewery and there was no way we could resist finding out more! The place is massive and the biggest micro-brewery in town. All the raw materials are imported from Germany and Belgium to meet the mark of world class beer.

Coming to the food, Big Pitcher takes it to the next level, offering five floors of dining with four different themes and experiences. The different areas are as follows:

Club Kahuna – Live music, a carefully crafted menu spanning continental and Mediterranean cuisines coupled with a relaxed vibe – what’s not to love?

Splitwood – East classic foods meet West comfort foods to bring to you an experience unmatched. And while you’re there, don’t miss out on the hookah!

Sizzling Street – Worked up an appetite? Sizzling Street is your answer. A buffet with an assortment of dishes spread over several cuisines is going to leave your belly delighted.

Studio 4121 – Dance it out on this floor and keep munching on some classic comfort foods like pastas and pizzas.

Star Lounge – For intimate, breezy, candle lit evenings, the top floor of Big Pitcher is where you should head to. Feast your taste buds on fresh sea food grills, steaks and sizzlers.

The good people over at Big Pitcher gave us an insight into foods across all the floors via tasting samples and the best thing about the food is that it’s 100% soul food. The kind that you can dig into and feel oh-so-good! We’ll walk you through some of our favourites from our meal.

Grilled Chicken Steak in JD Pepper Sauce at Big Pitcher Brewery, Bangalore
Grilled Chicken Steak in JD Pepper Sauce at Big Pitcher Brewery, Bangalore

To start off with the non-vegetarian bit of it, we first got the Buffalo Blast. Seasoned using herbs like oregano and crumb fried, it goes perfectly well with a squeeze of lemon over it. This was a standout dish of the day.

Following up the Buffalo Blast was the Hariyali Tikka which they like to call Khatarnak Tikka. It’s one of their featured dishes and was as classic as it can get. Marinated perfectly and cooked to perfection in their tandoor, this kabab just melted in the mouth.

We were then served two truly unique dishes – another crumb fried speciality called Fish in Splitwood Waters and Prawn till Yawn. This former can be described as a Chinese take on Fish-n-Chips – a Basa fish served crumbed fried with an oriental gravy on top. Unique and interesting, this is a dish that is ideal for those who are a little adventurous with their food. Cooked to perfection with superior quality fish – two very crucial boxes ticked and checked. The latter was an oriental dish served standing on a bowl which has the prawns first pan fried. Noodles are then wrapped around it and the dish is deep fried whole. Served on a bed of oriental flavoured sauces, this dish had a fantastic crunch to it.

Prawn Till Yawn at Big Pitcher Brewery, Bangalore
Prawn Till Yawn at Big Pitcher Brewery, Bangalore

With five floors and four terrific dining experiences, it’s no wonder that Big Pitcher has an extensive spread. What followed on our table after oriental and continental dishes was the good ol’ Zafrani Murgh Chicken Biryani. Awadhi by appearance, it was actually quite spicy and served with raita and Mirch Ka Salan. A classic dish that did not disappoint.

Sizzlers are an important part of the menu here and there was no way we could miss that.

We tried out the Grilled Chicken Steak in JD Pepper Sauce with Fries and Roasted Vegetables. What stole the show in this dish was the sauce. It was to die for!

Coming to the vegetarian side of things, we started off with Viva Indiano – crispy paneer fingers with Mexican spices and herbs, Subzi Ke Champ – seasonal vegetables made into a vegetarian version of a kebab and Cheese Stuffed Mushrooms.

Crumb Fried Mushroom at Big Pitcher Brewery, Bangalore
Crumb Fried Mushroom at Big Pitcher Brewery, Bangalore

All three dishes hit the right notes though our scales are tilted a little more towards the Subz Ke Champs. Incredibly soft and delicious, they are the perfect accomplice to a mug of chilled beer. The paneer fingers and mushrooms which came crumb fried, stuffed with cheese are classics one cannot go wrong with.

What followed next was a Mexican Penne Pasta. A hearty sauce topped with onions, bell peppers, garlic, jalapeno, parmesan cheese and basil – this one was full of flavour!

Towards the end of our meal, we were presented with another comfort food that was definitely one of the stars of the evening – Paneer Sirki Walan, served with naan. Classic, creamy with paneer chunks so soft, this one is a delight for those who crave the ever so delectable Punjabi paneer dish.

Meals are ended on a sweet note and that is exactly what we did. A classic Crème Brulee, glazed to perfection.

Mexican Penne Pasta at Big Pitcher Brewery, Bangalore
Mexican Penne Pasta at Big Pitcher Brewery, Bangalore

Our experience at Big Pitcher was truly terrific in every sense. From a sensational spread of food to each team and staff member who was every bit warm and welcoming, this place had us delighted by the end of our meal. With beers to die for, an almost endless menu and four varied experiences across five floors, Big Pitcher definitely scores a big fat A on the dining charts.

Creme Brulee at Big Pitcher Brewery, Bangalore
Creme Brulee at Big Pitcher Brewery, Bangalore

Where: L. R. Arcade, 4121, LR Arcade, HAL 2nd Stage, Ward 88, Old Airport Road, Next To Leela Palace, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560008

Contact: 080 3951 0577

Ambience Picture Courtesy: Trip Advisor

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