Abyangam – The Perfect Mid-Week Stress Buster


What is good health? Good health can be achieved by eating right, sleeping for adequate hours and maintaining a clean and hygienic body. But how many of us actually manage to accomplish all of this? With my late working hours, insomniac nature and unhealthy eating habits, I know I absolutely don’t! So I decided to give my body some pampering and care in the form of a massage. This form of Ayurvedic massage, popularly known as Abhyanga or Abyangam, is one of the most important massages for achieving good health and longevity. It also helps to prevent aging, reduces fatigue and diminishes other harmful effects caused to our bodies during the course of our hectic routines.

I went on a Wednesday to the NuAyurveda Clinic located in Koregaon Park for the therapy. Nuayurveda is a sister company of Four Fountains Spa, which has always been my favourite so I did not have to think twice before choosing it. The service was great, staff was friendly and ensured that I had a great experience throughout the course of my therapy. There were two therapists who worked in amazing synchronization and used seven different classical positions with long flowing strokes for the treatment. The amount of pressure applied was perfect and left my body feeling relaxed and refreshed. They used lukewarm herbal oil to undertake the process. The therapy lasted for 45 minutes and was followed by a 15-minute session in the steam room.

Abyangam, as a therapy, helps in reducing body aches and pains, heals spondylosis, improves muscle consistency, promotes sound sleep, improves skin texture and provides an overall sense of well-being. If you have a boring and monotonous routine and are looking for something to raise your spirits up, get some time off on a weekday (I’d suggest weekday so that by the time the weekend arrives, you are ready to party!) and get yourself a therapy done at the NuAyurveda clinic. You will love it!

For more details and information on other therapies, you can visit: www.nuayurveda.com

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Karishma Rajan
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