About Us


We are a food, travel and lifestyle portal here to tell you about all the amazing things around you!

When we have an authentic Nepali meal at a certain joint on the streets, we want you to have it too; when we get to know of a themed pub crawl happening around you, we want you to attend it; and when we discover a quaint little cafe with lovely vibes on one of our travel destinations we want you to experience it!

So join us in this amazing journey of all the good things in life!


A brainchild of Karishma Rajan, The First Fork came into being back in 2015 as a food blog. Karishma spent three years of her life in Bangalore during which she went around trying different food and cuisines. She realized there is so much there to explore; more on the local streets, rather than in the known five-stars and hotels. And that’s when she decided to write about it!

In the course of two years, The First Fork has grown rapidly. Today, we have a team of enthusiastic writers and bloggers who contribute to the content in their own individual styles. The Forking Team, as we like to call it, is the whole and sole of where the portal stands today.

Meet The Team:

Karishma Rajan:

Karishma likes to live in the moment and take life as it comes. Originally from aamchi Pune, she is swalp Bangalorean at heart and loves the Mumbaiya energy! Biking adventures, good food and inappropriate humour are things that get her going and she fantasises about going hitchhiking around the galaxy one day.

Guest Writers:

Sakshi Singh Sirari:

An educational and social worker, Sakshi is a collector of odd objects and a seeker of the unknown. She believes that the world is a madhouse and food is her asylum. She’s here to share her stories of experiential eating!

Sanghamitra Shastri:

Sanghamitra Shastri is a freelance content writer and photographer who watches FRIENDS on shuffle in her free time. Her taste palette is variable and she loves experimenting with new food. Her skills include striking good conversations, making coffee and making her canines think she’s following them around when they go out and not walking them.

Tanuja Shelar:

A storyteller and a bibliophile at heart, Tanuja indulges in the paramount ecstasies of life; books, food, and people. (in that order) Recently trying to be healthy, Tanuja has discovered a new penchant for fitness and an interest in adventurous travels. To earn her daily (wheat) bread, Tanuja writes, edits and keeps on writing.

Sanaa Nalwalla:

A daydreamer by day, Sanaa is an avid food lover, always in search of the perfect bite! She is best at being a goof by day and an adventurous keeda by night.

Alefiya Rashiq:

A Puneite in love with the world, Alefiya Rashiq is a Marketing and Communications professional. Cracking into jigs, making quirky observations and untimely giggles keep her going when she is not writing. Life is NOW, she believes!

Sharika Nair:

Sharika is a blogger and writer with a strong passion for marketing and branding. A self-proclaimed humorist, she loves laughing at her own jokes and when she is not doing that you will see her indulging in sports, reading, arts and cooking.

Guest Photographers:

Siddharth Chavan: