A Big Feast at the Smallest Cafe in India


“Wanna go to Smally’s? It’s a really small place,” I said. My roommate looked at me cynically, “I’m sure it is!” Laughter followed and we decided to go try this place out. Smally’s, is, in fact, the smallest café in India and is popularly known for its amazing burgers and pizzas.

Situated in Ulsoor, next to Watson’s, this place is not exactly easy to locate since there is precisely just one brick wall displayed with the name on it. The entrance is two black doors; the size of the doors is of a wooden closet. Spiral steps that take you up give you the illusion of being on the way to a rooftop and well, you pretty much feel like you’re sitting in an attic once you get there. But it’s exactly these things that make the place intriguing and interesting and will make you fall in love with it.

Pups - Sliced Chicken Sausages with Barbeque Sauce
Pups – Sliced Chicken Sausages with Barbeque Sauce

The ambiance is minimalistic; they have wooden chairs and tables, a television and random wall hangings. There are two levels for seating and they both have ceilings that are not more than six feet in height. All these things make the place so thrilling and exciting and also, different from the conventional ones we go to, with fancy ambiances.

Fried Chicken with Mayo Dip
Fried Chicken with Mayo Dip

The food is absolutely delicious, and for that taste and flavor, a definite delight to the pocket as well. The staff is friendly; the waiter told us that Trucker is their best burger. However, we weren’t exactly in the mood for beef so we called for a Chicken Cafreal Burger and a Lamb Burger. Apart from that, we also called for Pups, which is basically chicken sausages with barbeque sauce. For drinks, we got a Smally’s brownie shake and cold coffee to go with our food. I must say that the food was incredible! Both the chicken and lamb patties had peculiar tastes and were really delicious. Another thing that I really liked about the burgers is that the size is just right to fill you up when you are hungry. You will not need to have two burgers, nor will you have to stuff yourself like you generally have to with those huge, over-filling burgers. Chicken sausages had a good taste and were served in an abundant quantity. The brownie shake was easily one of the best I’ve tasted, and the cold coffee was mixed and blended perfectly! The quality of food was very, very impressive.

Mangalorean Curry with Rice
Mangalorean Chicken Curry with Rice

Apart from their burgers, pizzas and hot dogs, they also have Mangalorean dishes, including ghee roast, as well as chicken curry with rice and roti. I did want to try their desserts, which they claimed are freshly baked at the cafe itself, but sadly we couldn’t taste them since we were too stuffed. Fun fact – the fancy sounding Big Momma’s Malt on the menu is actually Bournvita! So yeah, if you like Bournvita with your burger, you can go right ahead and order it.

Overall, it’s a lovely place and I will definitely be going there again.

Karishma Rajan
The founder of The First Fork, Karishma likes to live in the moment and take life as it comes. Originally from aamchi Pune, she is swalp Bangalorean at heart and loves the Mumbaiya energy! Biking adventures, good food and inappropriate humour are things that get her going and she fantasises about going hitchhiking around the galaxy one day.