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From being a city famous for its Garden Vada Pav and Bedekar Misal to the likes of speciality food restaurants such as Savya Rasa and Sante Spa Cuisine, Pune has had its share of growth with regards to the food culture. The plethora of young college kids here have joints such as Burger Barn Cafe and Chai as their all-time favourites whereas the newer joints such as Where Else Cafe and Sauteed Stories may be enjoyed more by the older corporate lot. However, a concept which is extremely new to the city and is enjoyed by all age groups is that of food trucks!

Started by a Texas Cattle Rancher in the later 1800s, food truck as a concept is still fairly American but has been catching up in the Indian markets in the recent years. The idea of food being served through the open window of a truck is very exciting and also goes easy on the pocket. Here are some of the food trucks in Pune which are certainly raising the standard of food in the city with their amazing food and budget prices:

1) Henny’s Gourmet Food Truck:

Banana and Nutella Waffles at Henny's Gourmet Food Truck
Banana and Nutella Waffles at Henny’s Gourmet Food Truck

Tapping into a market that the Pune’s food scene was quite deprived of, Henny’s Gourmet Food Truck makes some of the best waffles in town and sells them at extremely pocket-friendly rates. Some of the best flavours are Banana + Caramel and Dark Belgium Chocolate Mousse but the flavour that will definitely make you go gaga over waffles is the Red Velvet! With a super crunchy base and fresh whipped cream, your first visit will surely make you go wow-ffles!

Where: Salunkhe Vihar Road

Price: Between Rs. 100 to Rs. 240 for a full waffle (depends on toppings)

2) Mexican Rodeo:

mexican rodeo

It’s time to get your cowboy hats out and put on a performance because the Mexican Rodeo is in town! A solid contributor to the Mexican and Italian food options in town, Mexican Rodeo serves amazing nachos, burritos, pizzas and quesadillas and rice combos on wheels. The quantities are generous and the quality is such that you will start liking Mexican food even if it is ‘Nacho cup of tea’!

Where: Kalyani Nagar and Aundh

Price: Between Rs. 150 to Rs. 200

3) Buddha’s Food Palace:

Thai Curry with Noodle at Buddha's Food Palace
Thai Curry with Noodle at Buddha’s Food Palace

One of the newest food trucks in town, Buddha’s Food Palace is the first food truck in Pune which serves Thai food. Although the menu is quite limited, their Thai BBQ Chicken Wings and Thai Basil Chicken with Fried Rice are a must-try! The preparations are served with a lovely sunny-side-up egg on the top and the combination of it all tastes brilliant.

Where: NIBM Road

Price: Between Rs. 150 to Rs. 250

4) Burgertron:

Image Courtesy: Whatshot
Image Courtesy: Whatshot

Burgers are a kind of fast food most people enjoy but when you are being served varieties such as crab, prawns, squid and chicken steak and that too out of a food truck, you can’t help but look forward to the meal! One of the best food trucks for burgers, Burgertron is a favourite of all meat lovers and provides some lovely vegetarian options too. It is very reasonably priced and provides great value for money.

Where: Wanowrie

Price: Between Rs. 150 to Rs. 200

5) The Cheese Truck:

Image Courtesy: Homegrown
Image Courtesy: Homegrown

Cheese is an ingredient that can barely go wrong with any kind of food, and banking on this fact, the fellows behind The Cheese Truck have designed their interesting menu. Their speciality is their Triple Decker Sandwiches which are a part of the Stoner’s Menu and make use of a secret ingredient. With flavours like those, you can hardly say no to their dishes, even if you are on a diet. It is also the only food truck selling cigarettes!

Where: Viman Nagar

Price: Between Rs. 80 and Rs. 180

So make yourself some free time, step out of the house and truck around the city trying out these yummy dishes. We bet you will not be able to choose one favourite!

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