#420: Must Try DIY Marijuana Infused Foods


There is a new popular food in the world of leaves. Weed, or as some call it, marijuana, is gaining popularity in many places across the globe not just as a relaxant and recreational drug, but also as a popular culinary infusion. America alone has doubled its usage in the past decade. It has proven to relieve patients ailing from a range of illnesses, from Alzheimer’s to common fever.

With so much happening around this new star leaf, we at The First Fork thought of bringing to you a few DIY infusion recipes that you can try at home in your kitchen. It is pertinent to mention that there are strict regulations against consumption and possession in India. However, its counterpart, popularly known as ‘bhaang’ is readily available as candy balls at any cigarette or, in many cases, government authorized. So let’s assume cooking them, had the ‘drug’ been easily available.

Meanwhile, for those who can try preparing these foods, we would love for you to share your experiences with us in the comments below. Also, this is a great way non-smokers can enjoy the weed high.

Fun fact
For those reeling from their experience of a culture shock over the idea of using an alleged ‘drug’ as food, let me inform you that saffron – the spice of the wise, was once considered as aphrodisiac, and its use was limited to kings who enjoyed it as a recreational ‘drug’.


Weed Butter - #420 - Happy Marijuana Day
Weed Butter – #420 – Happy Marijuana Day

You need: Butter, water, weed.

Always remember to pre-heat your leaves before adding them to any food. This activates the THC that relaxes the mind. THC best infuses itself with butter and oil, so it is a good idea to prepare and store some weed butter for times of need.

Here is how you do it:

Bring some water to boil. Once it is piping hot, mix butter in it. Once the butter is spread and boiling, add weed.

For every 100 gram bar melted, add one tablespoon of crushed weed.

Remember to put your gas on simmer throughout. Cover with a lid, stir at regular intervals and continue this process for about an hour. You will know when it’s done. Strain out the leaves with a muslin cloth and store the product in the fridge. You now have weed butter there.

Using the above process, you can also create weed-olive or coconut oil.


Weed Iced Tea - #420 - Happy Weed Day
Weed Iced Tea – #420 – Happy Weed Day

You need: 1 teaspoon ground cinnamon, 4 cardamom pods, 12 tea bags of choice, 2 star anise, 2 cans condensed milk (800 ml, around 8 teaspoons melted cana-butter and few drops vanilla extract.

Pour piping hot water over tea bags and spices. Take out the tea bags after a few minutes and allow the drink to cool. Use a separate bowl to mix melted weed-butter and condensed milk.

Pour tea over a glass filled with ice. Add 2-3 tablespoon of condensed weed-milk and sip in tranquility on a hot afternoon this summer!


Weed Coffee - #420 - Happy Weed Day!
Weed Coffee – #420 – Happy Weed Day!

Going by the same theory that THC is best activated when mixed with fats on a high temperature, try boiling your leaves with milk. There is no ideal proportion of leaves and coffee, it all depends on how strong you like your coffee.

No matter how you prefer your beverage – hot or cold, Mary Jane finds a way to fit in. Coffee infusions have gained immense popularity in Europe in recent years.

PS: Cook some tomato syrup stock with leaves, and invite your best pals over for an evening of Bloody Mary Janes! Bet your life it would be the Best. Party. Ever.


Weed Infused Brownie - #420 - Happy Weed Day
Weed Infused Brownie – #420 – Happy Weed Day

Just use weed butter in your regular chocolate brownie. You could also run leaves heated in an oven for about 5 minutes and then run them in a blender with the sugar. Actually, that would help add a good amount of high to the brownies. Just use 12 grams of pre-heated leaves per 3 cup of sugar.

In the end, here are a few tips you can apply to create your own favorite weed infusions.

1. Mary Jane is on when shiz hot! Always heat the leaves, even before smoking them. Not only does it activate the THC that relaxes your brain and body, but it also takes away all the unnecessary moisture.

2. Ganja mixes best with fatty stuff. Stock some in all oil variants, like ghee, butter, olive or coconut oil, etc .and you can have your favorite weed dish anytime!

3. Sugar is a great mix for marijuana too! And also a great way to stock ingredients for some ‘high’ tea.

Hope this is a great gift for all our marijuana-loving friends, who will enjoy and share the love. Bum Bhole!

Picture Courtesy: Marijauna Growers, Grass City Forums, Daily Dabs 420

Sakshi Sirari
An educational and social worker, Sakshi is a collector of odd objects and a seeker of the unknown. She believes that the world is a madhouse and food is her asylum. She's here to share her stories of experiential eating!