archiveMay 2017


Top Chef Culinary Workshop by Chef Saransh Goila

A Top Chef culinary workshop sounded amusing, but I could not help but wonder how one could pull that off at Godrej Nature’s Basket! The event was set in a cosy corner of its Koregaon Park outlet and started on time. I expected Chef Saransh Goila to be slightly haughty from the little background check I did (courtesy of Google). A successful food travelogue plus finding space in the Limca book of world records is no small feat. But to my surprise, that wasn’t the case! From a shared adoration towards Padma Lakshmi to chucklesome references of posting food photos onto Instagram, Chef Goila seemed like quite a rooted man.


Living The Passion For Food At Krusty’s!

The passion for food drove Dr Vidya Joshi and her son Rohan to establish Krusty’s in 2013. After going through many potential markets in Pune, the mother-son duo set up their first outlet in Kothrud. From originally serving pizzas, sandwiches and desserts to bagging the Times Food Awards two years in a row, Krusty’s has constantly remoulded itself and how! Today, their new outlet in the developing Kharadi can be spotted at the World Trade Centre in the EON Free Zone.


Start Your Day With This Appetizing Breakfast At Dinshaw’s!

For me, a perfect Sunday starts with an appetizing breakfast! And that’s exactly what I experienced a few days ago when I found myself seated at a petite and cozy cafe, placed just around the corner of lane 6 at Koregaon Park on a sunny Sunday morning. I entered Dinshaw’s Xpress Café to the sound of pleasant chatter and a waft of tummy-rumbling aroma! It was no wonder then that I ended up having a taste of almost everything on their breakfast menu!