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It Is Okay To Start Working Out In Your 20s

Although my mother was painfully aware of the fact that the ladies in my family grew up to be on the heavier side, she had still, tolerantly watched me live 25 years of what the ‘healthy snobs’ would term as a ‘sedentary life’. Worried about ‘Is moti se kaun shaadi karega?’, she decided to take matters into her own hands. In no time at all, she hired a personal trainer for me. So began my gradual but agonizing transition from a couch potato to a mildly active bean!


#420: Must Try DIY Marijuana Infused Foods

There is a new popular food in the world of leaves. Weed, or as some call it, marijuana, is gaining popularity in many places across the globe not just as a relaxant and recreational drug, but also as a popular culinary infusion. America alone has doubled its usage in the past decade. It has proven to relieve patients ailing from a range of illnesses, from Alzheimer’s to common fever.