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A Mentor, An Inspiration And A Great Teacher – Ruhee Bhimani, Founder of Cocoa Cottage – #Forkers

The art of baking is beautiful. It is like nurturing a baby. The more love, care and affection a baker shows towards his/her product, the better the final outcome turns out to be. Some bakers enjoy baking for their better halves or children, some like to pursue it as a weekend hobby. And then there are home bakers who practice the art of baking and run their own little businesses. Each of these individuals is an entrepreneur in his/her own little way! When a product that was created with a lot of patience, hard work and energy sells in the market, the level of satisfaction one gets is definitely high. Our next #Forker is someone who conducts baking workshops and motivates these young entrepreneurs to go after their dreams. Yes, we are referring to the beautiful Ruhee Bhimani, founder of Cocoa Cottage and a Masterchef specialising in eggless baking.

HomeMeet The Forkers

A Dream At 18, A Reality at 25 – The Boys Behind Elephant and Co – #Forkers

College days are all about dreaming about several things and wanting to make it big in the real world. “Let’s grow up and live together!” “Let’s grow up and start a company together” A lot of times, the best ideas tend to pop up at 3 am on a night of drinking. “Let’s grow up and open a bar together!” If you love alcohol, this idea has definitely crossed your mind at some point in time or the other. Our next set of #Forkers is a trio who actually made such an idea happen! Their teenage minds had this idea hovering in them since the time they were 18. And today, at the young age of 25, they have set up one of Pune’s most loved bars and have been running it successfully for the past six months. Yes, we are talking about none other than Elephant and Company and the boys who started it, Karan Khilnani, Anuj Solanki and Karan Kulkarni! Situated in the heart of Kalyani Nagar, Elephant and Company is essentially a cocktail-bar with some good food and music to go with. We got in touch with Karan Khilnani to get an insight into the journey so far.