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Loaded Nachos at Lost The Plot

Discovering Cine-Grub At Lost The Plot

Surrounded by the city’s skyline, under a blanket of stars, along with whiffs of cool breeze for company, Lost The Plot, Pune’s only rooftop cinema offers an experience that is absolutely beautiful and overwhelming! And with their newly introduced menu, what they like to call ‘cine-grub’, there is no reason you shouldn’t stop by for a magical evening.

1441 Pizzeria, Andheri, Mumbai

1441 Pizzeria – A New, Exciting Place For Passionate Lovers Of Italian Food

A perfect meal for friends and impromptu get-togethers, the pizza is an Italian delight that has found a large number of patrons across the globe. In fact, many non-European countries are so fond of it that they mark their love for the dish with a National Pizza Month dedicated to it. Originally prepared on the Italian lands of Napoli (now Naples) with Sardinian bread and Sicilian cheese, it is the coordinates of this place which gave name to this new ‘across the kitchen counter’ pizza place in town, called 1441 Pizzeria.

Hariyali Tikka at Big Pitcher, Bangalore

Big Pitcher – Beers to Crush on And Food That Comforts

“Beer is proof that God loves us”  – Benjamin Franklin

And after you visit Big Pitcher for their famous brews, these are the words you’ll stand by forever. Located on Old Airport Road, very close to The Leela Palace hotel, Big Pitcher is a microbrewery loaded with five floors of madness! We quietly wandered in on a Thursday afternoon for lunch, and boy, were we in for a treat.

We started off with beer sampler which consisted of six variants:

King Slayer – Their most popular brew and it isn’t hard to see why. A delicious dark beer which looks like a stout, but tastes just like wheat beer.


An Evening Full Of Zest At This Lovely Oktoberfest

For most people, food is the best thing in the world. For a lot of others, beer is better than food. Or rather, beer IS their food! They’d even change the tongue-twister, ‘Betty bought some butter’ to ‘Betty bought some beer’. Or she bought both and made butter beer? And got an Express Entry into Hogwarts Gryffindor team! Okay, Non-Potter fans, don’t leave, we’ll stop.