archiveMarch 2016


Oh Please! It’s GoCheese!

Ever wondered how the best part of your pizza slice, the cheese, is actually made? Apart from the fact that milk is the major ingredient in it, none of us have ever delved into the actual nitty-gritty of its production. My ears popped up when I heard of a cheese factory tour being organized by the popular cheese brand, GoCheese, and I decided to go check it out! The event was organized in association with Femina and I have to admit that it was quite an experience!


Shizusan Says

As children, we all played the game ‘Simon Says’ and followed the instructions as Simon would ask us to tap our heads or touch our knees. Years passed by and Simon got lost amongst the clutter of jobs, money, careers and work that took over our lives. But now, we have Shizusan! Giving his food recommendations from the lands of Japan, China, Thailand, Vietnam and Korea, Shizusan takes us on a wonderful food journey with exclusive dishes that you have never seen at any other restaurant in Pune!


Jack Of All Trade Takes You On A Bar Escapade

Pune has a young and fun culture! While restaurants and lounges do see a mixed crowd of all age groups, you will always come across a bunch of youngsters who are out there partying and killing it, even on weekdays. And that means that one of their top priorities is to find cheap alcohol! The club syndrome (having drinking scenes at places like Ladies Club, Residency Club and Boat Club, etc.) has been around since forever and is never going to die due to the super affordable rates (60 bucks for a large Old Monk! Yes, true story!). However, with the opening up of new drinking holes every day in the city, people experiment.