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Going Cray Cray With Food at Krusty’s

Winter is coming! In fact, it’s here already. Yes, I know that more than the actual season, it is Game of Thrones that this line reminds all of us of. But along with that, winter is the time for lovely, warm clothes, Christmas celebrations, and, of course, preparing that list of resolutions you are never going to end up following. Along with these happy things, one more thing that is going to make you happier this season is the New Winter Menu at Krusty’s! I was invited by them to try out the dishes and I am going to tell you about the ones you simply do not want to miss.


New Cafe in Phoenix Is Two One Too Much!

Quite literally, 212 is simply a number. Just like 211, or 213. But if you delve a little into wikipedia, you will know that 212 is the area code of most of the borough of Manhattan in New York City. Yes, Manhattan, the amazing and romantic city of Manhattan! Look at Urban Dictionary and it’ll tell you that 212 is a person or a location that is inherently chill in nature and anything but uncool. But what is 212 here in Pune? Well, it’s the newly opened 212 All Day Cafe & Bar, which just like all other 212 things is anything but uncool!