When At Toit, You’re Always Spoilt for Choice

Been given some really funny and ridiculous pronunciations such as Tooah, Toits and Tweet, Toit in Indiranagar is one of Bangalore’s most famous breweries and is definitely one of the places you would take someone who is visiting Bangalore for the first time to. A beautiful, two storied, mansion-look-alike place, there is a lot of brick used in its interiors and it has been set up brilliantly. At any given time of the year, they have at least 6 flavours of brewed beer; they add other seasonal flavours to the list occasionally.

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The New And Improved Carnival

One of the places that has been around in Pune since almost a decade now, the Carnival has recently been renovated and has a very impressive new look now. Individual huts – gone, low tables with floor seating – gone, the singular level of restaurant space – gone! Each and everything about the restaurant has been changed, excepting the name, which is a good call, I’d say.

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Monkeying Around With Delicious Food

Just when I thought I had visited all the nicest places of Bangalore and tried out all the good food and drinks, and also come to the conclusion, that if a place has awesome drinks, not all of the food might be good, and vice versa, I happened to go to Monkey Bar in Indiranagar. I don’t know if it was me, or was it just one of those days for them, but each and every thing that I had that day was absolutely delicious and flawless! So much so, that it was almost too good to be true!

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A Big Feast at the Smallest Cafe in India

“Wanna go to Smally’s? It’s a really small place,” I said. My roommate looked at me cynically, “I’m sure it is!” Laughter followed and we decided to go try this place out. Smally’s, is, in fact, the smallest café in India and is popularly known for its amazing burgers and pizzas.

Situated in Ulsoor, next to Watson’s, this place is not exactly easy to locate since there is precisely just one brick wall displayed with the name on it. The entrance is two black doors; the size of the doors is of a wooden closet. Spiral steps that take you up give you the illusion of being on the way to a rooftop and well, you pretty much feel like you’re sitting in an attic once you get there. But it’s exactly these things that make the place intriguing and interesting and will make you fall in love with it.

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Maxing Out Flavours of Food At Cafe Max

When it comes to having good food in Bangalore, Café Max in Indiranagar is definitely one of the places that top the lists of restaurants in the city. Specializing in European and Mediterranean cuisines, their menu boasts of quite a few really amazing Spanish, German, French and Greek dishes. Each and every dish is served in good quantity and is presented very well. They also have a good collection of wines and sangrias, and you can choose the one you think would go best with your food.

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Much More Than Just A Cup Of Chai

Whether it’s cutting chai at a tapri, or a cup of hot ginger tea at a sophisticated cafe in a hotel, tea is a beverage that is known and loved by all, so much so that you can also term it as an addiction. Revolving around this conventional concept is Chai, a small cafe that runs at three locations in Pune, namely Koregaon Park, Viman Nagar and Salunkhe Vihar Road. Rightly so, it is also named after the beverage itself; who said you need big words to be creative, right?

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Beers Of The World In A World Of Beers

Whether you’re an amateur, or one who is at intermediate level, or a connoisseur in the world of beers, tasting different types of beers and knowing them well is always fun! Everyone chooses their go-to beers from regular brands such as Kingfisher, Carlsberg, Budweiser, Millers, Fosters and Tuborg to enjoy after a long day’s work. But once in a while, you do like to change the routine and indulge yourself into something exotic and different. That is exactly when Best Brew comes into the picture! Located at Four Points by Sheraton, this place boasts of a menu that includes up to 30 different kinds of beers, including imported brands, regular brands and also your desi brands, making it one of the few places in the city that have such a wide collection.

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