One Night of McPeace Please

Ever been to Pakistan? I have. Well, if standing at a point in Jammu, where you are at the extreme end of the India-Pakistan border, to the extent that if you cross that line, you are most likely to be shot by one of the Pakistani militants counts, then I have. My recent, highly adventurous trip to Leh Ladakh started from the land of Jammu, a place with high security, very helpful army guys, slightly rude locals and a lot of sardars, which wasn’t surprising, of course!

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Leh’t go!

Yeah I did not want to use the extremely overdone cliche of ‘Getting Leh’d’ so I went with this one. Anyway, this is where I am going to be spending the next 14 days, beginning tomorrow. The picture looks exciting? Yes, that’s how excited I am! No wait, I am way more excited than that and of course, absolutely cannot wait to get there!

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Freshmenu – Revolutionizing the food delivery system in Bangalore

As the trend of online food delivery is catching up, I can safely say that Freshmenu is one of the top notch websites in this industry and is doing an amazing job at it! Right from the way the food has been presented on the website, the layout of the pictures and details to the first communication you have with them, the service, and the packaging, everything is rather impressive and will almost take you by surprise the first time you receive your order.

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The day Bangalore became HOME!

So from the terrible mood swings I underwent that day to the random happy dance I did at office at the end of the day, I must say that I had had quite a day that day, at least as far as emotional ups and downs were concerned. Apart from that, it was just another day, a day in the city of Bangalore. Bangalore – a city which I initially remember naming ‘The land of moustaches, Kolaveri Di and La Pongal’. Everybody there seemed to have a moustache! I don’t know if it was the comparatively older crowd the city had as compared to Pune, or simply one of the many, fascinating South Indian cultures where it came from.

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What better place to get grub other than The Grub Hub!

Bengali, Malabari, Mangalorean, Coorgi, whatever be the kind of cuisine you are in the mood for, you can hop right off to Grub Hub without second thoughts and get amazing chicken, beef or pork curries made in any of these styles! Along with these curries, which are served with rice/paratha and salad, this newly opened place also gives you options of biryani, pasta, salads, burgers and rolls to choose from. Their menu simply covers one side of a board, but accommodates pretty much anything that you’d have in mind for a good, satisfying meal.

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