archiveMay 2015


The Table Blue

With a name that can be as direct as possible, The Table Blue, one of the newest restaurants in Indiranagar, literally has blue tables making up most of its ambience. The first look was pretty neat I’d say, blue tables, white chairs with red cushions, and green wine bottles with a flower each, on every table. I like how they’ve kept it to a minimal with the colours, because too many colours can tend to look too shabby.


Happiness hours at The Doff Pub!

Another one of those happy vibe restaurants on 100 ft road in Indiranagar, Doffpub and Lounge is a pleasant and relaxing place for a nice lunch along with beverages, or even an evening out. Located on the 3rd floor, this is not an open rooftop place, but gives you the feeling if it being one, since it has an outside seating area. There is a foosball table, which is one of the first things you see as you enter, so along with good food and drinks, this place also provides recreation.


Khavanu, Peevanu, Majani Life!

The moment I heard that Sodabottleopenerwala was opening up in Bangalore, the first thought that came to my head was that the city would finally get to know what a delicious, authentic vada pav tastes like! I think the city has had its taste of all the other weird burger-like preparations at outlets like Goli, but being the Maharashtrian that I am, only I know how disappointing they are. I was, of course, really excited about the other food at SBOW as well, but boasting about their vada pav is what I went on about on my Instagram feed and Facebook timeline.


Bye, bye, Chacha!

Whether you like it or not, the world is a dirty place! It is full of dirty politics. I’ve been told of stories where there are politics taking place between two best friends working at the same place as well as stories including politics between large groups of people where it practically is the kith and kin of survival in a company.